Above, left to right: John Donnelly, Jason Joukhador, John McKendry, Beverley Kerr, Richard Stewart and Terry Clout.
Below, left to right: Yvonne Wynen, Anne Stanfield and Peter McNamara.

The Board of Directors governs the operations of the company. The Board provides strategic oversight and direction for the activities of the company and ensures that activities are aligned with the Society’s mission and the objects for which the company was established.


In December 2019, Denis Walsh ended his term as Board Chair and John McKendry was appointed as Interim Board Chair.

During 2019/20, the following individuals were Directors of the St Vincent de Paul Society NSW (see biographies below for Directors who also serve on our State Council and as Central Council Presidents):

John McKendry (Interim Chair)

Central Council President, Maitland/Newcastle (from December 2019)

Denis Walsh (Chair)

President, NSW State Council (until December 2019)

Peter McNamara

President, NSW State Council

Beverley Kerr

Vice President, Vinnies Services

John Donnelly

Central Council President, Broken Bay

Anne Stanfield

Central Council President, Parramatta

Yvonne Wynen

Central Council President, Lismore (until August 2019)

Terry Clout


Jason Joukhador


Richard Stewart



Terry Clout is an experienced board chair and director in both the public and private sectors. Terry has more than 20 years of experience in company directorship, including in health, education and Catholic Church organisations.

Jason Joukhador has close to two decades of experience in leading retail organisations, where he has worked in senior executive roles across strategy, transformation, operations and technology.

Richard Stewart is a partner at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) where he has worked for 33 years, gaining extensive experience in finance strategy and risk analysis.


The Board is supported by a number of advisory committees. The Board committees and their purposes are set out below.

Audit and Finance Committee Chair:

Richard Stewart

To provide oversight of the Society’s financial performance and position; investments; effectiveness of internal controls; compliance with law and regulation; and external and internal auditors.

Governance, Risk and Nominations Committee Chair:

Terry Clout

To provide advice on good governance practices and principles, including in relation to the Company’s structure; operations and performance; risk management; and decision-making.

People and Culture Committee Chair:

Jason Joukhador

To provide advice on workplace safety, health and wellbeing; organisational culture; organisational structure; recruitment, selection and retention; learning and development; workplace and industrial relations; and independent investigations and inquiries.

Service Quality and Safety Committee Chair:

Beverley Kerr

Previously called the Special Works Committee until May 2020.
To provide advice on proposals for the establishment of new Special Works and to assess existing Special Works. The Committee receives quarterly reports on each Special Work across the Society.

Remuneration Committee Chair:

Denis Walsh, John McKendry

To provide advice on remuneration of the Chief Executive Officer and his direct reports.