The Society has developed an Organisational Policy Framework and commenced a project to Review and Consolidate all our organisational policies. Policies were prioritised based on organisational and strategic risk. The approach to policy review and development was highly collaborative, drawing on the knowledge and expertise of program managers, frontline staff and Society Members.

Society members were consulted in the development of all policies that relate to the work that they do. The membership and Youth Advisory Committee were a great support in progressing this work and assisting with digital consultations with Central Councils. A collaborative approach to this work improved the quality and utility of policies and procedures.

A total of 27 policies were updated or developed in this financial year. The policy review project will continue into years two and three of the Strategic Plan 2020–2023.

The review and consolidation of organisational policies supports our people to deliver best-practice services to the people we assist. Technology projects have further supported this work in creating reliable access and managing version controls, ensuring that our people are able to access policies and procedures quickly and easily.