meals were served through the Nagle Centre in Campbelltown in 2019/20.


people with disability, supported to work towards their goals in 2019/20.


women and children experiencing domestic and family violence, were helped in 2019/20.


“You are not judged; [Vinnies] accept you how you are. Everything is level, you are made to feel all the same; no one’s better than anyone else.” – Feedback from a person we assisted this year

IN 2019/20, WE:

  • Supported more than 30,000 people with disability to work towards their goals
  • Served 20,000 meals through the Nagle Centre in Campbelltown
  • Distributed $14.8 million in Federal Government drought relief funds to more than 4,900 households
  • Assisted more than 6,700 people through homelessness and housing services
  • Provided more than 6,000 meals to locals facing poverty and homelessness in the Illawarra
  • Helped 2,400 women and children experiencing domestic and family violence
  • Supported more than 700 community organisations to become more accessible for people with disability
  • Helped 645 disadvantaged individuals through the Ozanam Learning Centre in Woolloomooloo
  • Managed 382 social and affordable housing units for more than 450 tenants
  • Provided assisted employment for 92 people with disability

The people we assist are at the core of everything we do at the Society. Our focus on Service, Quality and Impact ensures we continue to provide them with the best services possible, in the most effective ways, so that they can live life to the fullest.

This pillar of our Strategic Plan 2020-2022 articulates our intention to provide excellent social services to people experiencing disadvantage, to measure the quality and safety of our services, and to understand our impact.

We are committed to continuously evaluating, refining and strengthening our programs to achieve the impact we strive for: that people have improved wellbeing, social and economic participation, and acceptance as a result of interacting with our services.

Through their participation in our community inclusion programs, disability services, Local Area Coordination, homelessness and housing programs, health services, and drought relief initiatives, we want people to gain:

  • Access to, or residence in long-term, stable and safe accommodation that meets their individual needs;
  • The ability to maintain or improve their personal health and wellbeing;
  • An accepting, inclusive and understanding community to belong to;
  • The ability to make informed choices and access ongoing supports to meet their needs; and
  • Motivation to address any concerns, gain assistance to develop or strengthen their skills, and increase their resilience.

In working towards these outcomes, we have pursued a number of supporting goals in the 2019/20 financial year, aiming to subject our work to heightened analysis and drive consistent improvement. These include:

  • Ensuring evidence-based approaches underpin our service planning and delivery, including actively listening to
    the voices of the people we serve;
  • Strengthening our information-gathering processes, so we can measure the outcomes and impact of our work;
  • Using outcome measures to understand the quality of our services, to make informed decisions and improve
    our output; and
  • Continuously reviewing our services based on an agreed framework, to ensure the long-term viability and
    impact of our service provision.

We are embracing the values of agility, sustainability and innovation in the pursuit of our strategic goals, so that our services remain responsive to change, and so that we continue to make an impact for those experiencing disadvantage into the future.

The consecutive crises of the summer bushfires and COVID-19 pandemic have brought thousands of households to the brink of poverty, and led many people to approach the Society for assistance for the first time. At this moment of heightened need and vulnerability, it is more important than ever that we get it right.

Please read/click below to find out more about our work in homelessness and housing, disability services, health services, Local Area Coordination, and drought relief.