In September 2019, the Society announced a new organisational structure – part of the journey to find new ways of working and delivering the Strategic Plan 2020-2022, launched in the previous March.

The restructure aims to get the Society future-ready as it adapts to new social and political landscapes and the ever-changing needs of the communities and people we serve.

These changes place the Society in a better and stronger position to put the people we assist at the centre of everything we do.

The Rule calls for renewal and adaptation and the new organisational structure is about drawing from our rich past to make a new future, and most importantly, it is about having the greatest impact on those we assist.

The aspirational plan entails bold and decisive changes to the way we work.

The new structure builds on the idea of One Society by enabling members, volunteers, and staff to work together more closely.

The structure streamlined all our frontline services through one Vinnies Services directorate as well as combining all our revenue-generating and commercial operations under one new directorate.

The Society also moved to centre-led enabling functions such as finance and technology services.

We also established a new directorate focusing on regional operations and the needs of our members and volunteers, ensuring they are better supported in their work.

Changes to the structure of the Society are just one part of the transformation of our organisation. We also reviewed how we work, embraced technology, and found new ways of collaborating to ensure we can be more effective in delivering our services to the people and communities that need us.

These changes help us to maintain a consistent model of care for all those we serve as well as helping us to build on fundraising and retail performance, and to secure more support from funders by delivering greater accountability. This will provide critical funds to run our services and work of our members and volunteers.

The Society also developed a new performance and development framework and system ensuring our work is aligned to our Strategic Plan 2020-2022, a Capability Framework and Code of Conduct.

Our work to achieve the priorities in our Strategic Plan 2020-2022 continues in earnest, albeit in a modified way given the changed operating environment needed due to COVID-19.