Behind each of our community services are essential systems, assets and projects that keep them running smoothly and allow us to grow. Our information and technology systems, physical assets, and property, and enabling structures are the backbone of the Society.

The Support and Infrastructure pillar of our strategic plan calls on us to build and maintain the infrastructure needed to support and sustain a leading social service delivery agency.


  • Building efficient and effective workplace systems, processes and structures that enable productivity and connection and support the provision of excellent social services.
  • Implementing major technology projects to improve productivity, effectiveness, and quality.
  • Effectively managing our property assets.

We drive a whole-of-organisation approach to tackling poverty and disadvantage and provide the tools and support systems our people need to do their jobs effectively.

During the 2019/20 financial year, work involved reimagining the internal structure of the Society, working collaboratively for a common cause. We are a proudly grassroots organisation with a long history of enabling local groups to self-organise and direct their own, place-based priorities. Our aim through the Strategic Plan 2020-2022 is to honour this tradition and the local expertise of our people, while bringing cohesion, structure, and heightened rigour to our services.

This year, we implemented an organisational restructure, bringing 10 independently managed Central Councils into five regions, surrounded by a strong support framework through our State Support Office. This approach has delivered financial benefits by removing duplication of effort, while increasing collaboration and communication through the adoption of more consistent and uniform processes, practices, and systems.

New ways of structuring the organisation are only made possible through a commitment to new ways of working, and this has been delivered through a program that strengthens the alignment of individual roles with the capabilities required for them to deliver the current strategy. These new ways of working have been successfully tested this year against the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, as our workplaces and retail shops were temporarily closed, and a significant portion of the workforce was required to work from home.

Pivotal to our employees’ ability to work from home was our strong technological infrastructure. This year we continued to invest in information technologies and digital platforms that improve our ability to scale our services and create efficiencies in our support functions.